Senior Sales Manager

Job description

At Penta we're on a mission to simplify business banking, allowing business owners to focus on the things they really love. They can open a bank account online in minutes, get debit cards for employees, send affordable foreign transfers and easily integrate their accounting solution into Penta. More than 7.500 businesses use Penta today and we are growing quickly.


We are looking for a Sales Account Manager (f/m/div) to help support our sales efforts! 


As you may know, we're doubling down on our Team Management House.


This is a team that focuses on enabling our customers to seamlessly issue multiple cards to their employees, streamline expense reporting and give limited or full account access to their team members.


Therefore, one of the main growth drivers of that would be outbound, inbound and existing customer sales as well as designing that process from the ground up.


A description of the experience we're looking for: 

  • 3+ years in sales or a similar. 
    • Preferably has worked in Tech/SaaS sales.
    • Preferably small business sales (B2C or bigger B2B is also welcome of course!) 
  • Has managed a team of sales people, or similar.
  • Has been in positions where they've gotten their hands dirty, as this person would build the sales funnel up from the ground up.

Description of the job: 

  • Building our sales strategy based on our Go to Market strategy 
    • Designing the outbound/inbound/existing customer sales strategy
  • Recruiting junior/mid-level/senior sales people for the Team Management House and eventually across all Houses.
  • Managing and iterating over the sales cycle within Team Management and eventually in all Houses.